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What is the Universal Child Care Benefit?
Started in July 2006, Canadian parents receive $100 per month for each child under six years old. The Canadian government decided to provide parents with more flexibilty in child care by supporting each family's child care choices through direct financial support.

Who will receive the Universal Child Care Benefit?

All of the conditions below must be met:

- You must have a child under the age of six, and the child must live with you.

- You must be the primary caregiver - in other words, the person who is primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child. This could be the mother, father, a grandparent or a guardian.

- You must be a resident of Canada, and you or your spouse or partner must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a protected person or a temporary resident (under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

How will I receive the UCCB, do I need to apply?

If you are already enrolled in the Canada Child Tax Benefit you will receive these UCCB cheques automatically, you do not need to apply separately. Even if your family is not yet registered you still have 11 months to apply and receive your full benefits.

You can apply for the Child Tax Benefit through this link.

What can I use this money for?

You, the parent, decide what you want to use it for, and your options are plenty:

- Some parents will use the money toward their current child care fees.

- A stay-at-home parent may want to use it for a preschool program or occasional baby sitting expenses.

- The benefit may also be used to purchase learning materials that parents might not be able to buy for their children otherwise.

- Parents may even deposit all or part of their benefit into a Registered Education Savings Plan!

The bottom line is: this money is for you to use freely for your child's needs however you, as primary care giver, decide is appropriete.

Why is the Government issuing the Universal Child Care Benefit?

The government of Canada recognizes that no two Canadian families are exactly alike - each has its own circumstances and needs. The government is supporting Canadian families in their childcare decisions by financing a monthly benefit directed specifically to families with pre-school aged children.

When and how do I receive the Universal Child Care Benefit payments?

The Universal Child Care Benefit payments will be made on or about the 20th of each month starting July 2006. Recipients have the option to have their Universal Child Care Benefit payments deposited directly into their bank account, or to have the cheque mailed to their residence every month.

Where do I find out more?

If you still have more questions, click on the link below, for information from the Government of Canada website.

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