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Have you ever been appalled by your grocery bill, and wished you could leave that money in the bank instead?

Well, here's a way you could do both: by shopping for everyday items from partner companies, you can recover some of the money you spent and direct it into a KidsFutures account.

This money can then be used to put into an Registered Education Savings Plan. Just like other rewards programs where you can earn points towards travel, goods or services at selected retailers, you can redeem your KidsFutures points for actual money!

KidsFutures is free to join, lets Members link accounts to enable multiple family members to participate and offers many ways to earn free education savings such as:

- Purchase from Everyday Products and Service Partners

- Shop at In-Store Retail Partners

- Shop on-line with On-line Retail Partners

- Apply for & use the Citi KidsFutures MasterCard - earn up to 2% in KidsFutures Rewards

- Convert other loyalty program currencies into education savings

KidsFutures Rewards are based on the Canadian Dollar (1 KidsFutures Reward = 1 Canadian dollar) and can be directed into any existing or new education savings account (RESPs, GICs and Canada Savings Bonds) at any financial institution.

KidsFutures Rewards directed into any RESP are eligible to be topped up by 20% through the Canada Education Savings Grant(CESG).

To sign up for free, go to and fill out the online application. Start shopping and saving!

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