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Help for Parents
If you're a parent, you're a busy person! Here is some information to help you along the way.
Can I get a Social Insurance Number for my child?
Many people don't realize that they can apply for a Social Insurance Number for their child when they are young - they think it is not required until the child reaches their teens or twenties and starts working.

The fact is that you can get a Social Insurance Number if your child has a birth certificate. Why is this important? A Social Insurance Number is required to start receiving the Canada Education Savings Grant or Canada Learning Bond when you open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Some group RESP providers offer a grace period (in some cases as long as 24 months) in which you may contribute to a plan without having a Social Insurance Number for your child. In this case, your savings will go into an escrow account, and your money will attract the grant in arrears (from the day you started saving) when you supply them with your child's Social Insurance Number information when you do receive it.

However, banks, trust companies and other financial institutions do not have the ability to do this. This is a compelling reason for some people to open RESPs in a group plan.

How do I apply?

To apply, fill out the Social Insurance Number application form from your local Human Resources Canada office, or simply print it out from the link below:

You can drop off your completed application and appropriete documents (in most cases: a birth certificate for the child and proof of your own identity), to your nearest Human Resources Canada office.

Where is the nearest Human Resources office to me?

To locate the office closest to you (if you want to apply in person), follow this link:

It will also provide you the phone number, hours of operation and directions.

Can I mail it?

If you decide to mail in your application with appropriate documentation (in most cases: a birth certificate for the child and proof of your own identity), mail it to:

Social Insurance Registration
P.O. Box 7000
Bathurst, N.B. E2A 4T1

How soon will I get my child's card?

If all your documentation is in order, you should receive your child's SIN card in about three weeks. If you don't receive your card within this period, call 1-800-206-7218.

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