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How important is education?
Statistically speaking, the average university graduate earns 1.58 million dollars more in their lifetime than the average high school graduate - and the gap is getting wider! It's estimated this number could triple by the year 2015.

Here are some more numbers to consider:

Years of education required for various careers:

Doctor: 7
Veterinarian: 7
Chartered Accountant: 5
Lawyer: 5
Engineer: 4
Pharmacist: 4
Teacher: 4
Nurse: 3
Dental Hygienist: 2
Police Officer: 2

Tuition fees and costs:
Post-secondary tuition fees have increased by over 25% since 1999.

The average student debt of graduates in the year 2000 was $19,500.00

The earlier you start saving, the more money your child will have for education by age 18.

Some companies allow you to open an RESP even if your child doesn't have a Social Insurance Number yet, so you can start saving right away! You have up to 24 months to supply them with a SIN number.
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