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An RESP can help your children get the education they deserve

The cost of post-secondary education keeps rising. Experts predict the cost of four years of University at a mid-level school will be over $100,000.00 by the year 2020.

Higher education determines not only your children's future earning power, but their quality of life too.

The right RESP can make the difference between a lifetime of "McJobs" or the satisfaction and comfort of a real, lasting and fulfilling career. Why not give them every advantage?

But investing seems so risky. Is there a solution?

Yes! An RESP. A Registered Education Savings Plan.

An RESP works best if you start when your child is young, so your money has longer to grow. It is simply an investment plan that allows your investment to grow tax-free until your child is ready for post-secondary education.

Investing early in an RESP is a great way to ensure your child is well prepared financially for post secondary education.

RESP Investment Calculator

Annual RESP Contribution $
Child's age when RESP Started
Estimated Rate of Return % annually
RESP Results:
Estimated CESG
(Canada Education Savings Grant)
Estimated Total RESP at
start of post-secondary

Because money earned in your RESP grows tax-free, it grows faster than in a regular savings account - making a Registered Education Savings Plan the ideal way to save for your children's future.

The Canadian government also contributes free grant money to your plan through the Canada Education Savings Grant.

Not all RESP plans are created equal.

There are several types of RESP available, so it's important to understand the details - such as what they are invested in, the level of risk, costs and cancellation policies.

There's much more information on this site to help you determine what's best for you.

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